Flavoured Milk Kefir

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Delicious cultured milk made with love from full cream cow’s milk and Frut Syrups



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Ingredients: Full cream milk kefir made using LIVE kefir culture (aka kefir ‘grains”), Frut syrup 10% (invert sugar, puree, fruit juice concentrate), Natamycin

PLEASE NOTE: Kefir is a living beverage and will keep fermenting if cold chain is broken. Please keep your kefir at 4°C.

All syrups have been sourced from FRUT (previously Euroberry). These fruit syrups contain real fruit concentrates. Very small amounts of potassium sorbate have been added to the syrups. Our syrup ratio to kefirs between 7 and 10%, so the amount of preservative is minimal. We do think that full disclosure is important with ingredients because you should have the choice and know what you are putting in your body.

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