Kefir Grains/Scoby LIVE

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The live cultures/scoby to make your own milk and water kefir. 

Live fresh kefir scobys are ready to ferment immediately, where-as a dehydrated culture is easier to send but will require re-hydration which takes up to a week.

Can be reused and shared.

Make your own water kefir in as many flavours as your mind can fathom. Learn how to make a potent ginger water kefir here.



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Enough to make 500ml glass of fresh kefir a day

Grains/Scobys reproduce and if looked after can be used continuously. Grains/Scoby will multiply over time so you can make more per day or share.

Ready to use immediately. Harvested freshly from our working kefir ferment Scobys.

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